New Music: Miguel – ‘Can’t Sleep Together’...

Sometimes sleepness nights has its advantages. On a new cut called, 'Can’t Sleep Together', Miguel is thinking dirty thoughts while lighting up and watching re-runs of 'Fresh Prince'. 

So what does he have in mind for a cure? Well, most people would just get up and make themselves a hot brew to drink. But on the seductive number, Miguel has a saucy suggestion for a girlfriend in the same predicament. The flirty tune consists of grungy percussion, staccato guitars and some dusty synths. And can be found on the 2013 Adult Swim Singles Program. 

I think the song is pretty cool but the lyrics are a bit cheesy and it's not really representative of the Miguel I fell in love with. Anyway, Miguel will also perform at the iHeartRadio festival before opening for Drake's 'Would You Like a Tour?' shows in the fall. Take a listen to his latest offering below.