Pics: Christina Aguilera shows off skinny frame during performance in Washington [9/24]...

Christina Aguilera was kidding no one when she said she was happy being categorised in the thick chick category. 

All those statements about being happy to be curvy now hold "little weight" since she's returned to looking like her 'Stripped' era self. 

Aggy showed off her super svelte frame this week during a private concert in Washington D.C. I hope she doesn't lose any more weight though or her legs will end up looking like twigs.  

For the special performance, she was allegedly paid a couple of million to sing and display her assets on stage. Although her albums have struggled to sell in recent times, she's still in demand as a performer, which is a great position to be in!

Her singing career has continued by way of performing at private events such as weddings and birthday parties, and she still stays paid generously at the end of it. Fans can hear new music from her soon as she has just recorded a song called 'We Remain' that will be featured on the soundtrack for the highly anticipated new film 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!' The movie hits theaters on November 22nd.