Something not seen very often; Beyoncé's songwriting gets praised, by Drake...

It's no secret that Beyoncé allegedly pays for songwriting credits just so that she can get a big fat percentage in royalties. 

It doesn't even matter that she only contributes two words to a song. 

Most songwriters will accept that because they are too psyched to have an international pop icon recording their song.

Plus, it's not really an offer any budding songwriter can afford to turn down.

So they make that sacrifice, just to get their big break. But when you're a big selling artist like Drake, it's different somehow. The rapper sat down with Elliott Wilson’s CRWN series and spoke about working with the singer. But what exactly did he have to say about her debatable songwriting? 

He says: “‘Pound Cake’ happened while I was writing for Beyoncé or working with Beyoncé, not writing for, working with. I hate saying writing for ’cause she’s a phenomenal writer. She has bars on bars”. 

Something about his statement is funny. It is the way he quickly corrects himself about the 'writing for Beyonce'. We all know he was spot on the first time. Oops. Listen to part two of the interview below.