What would YOU like to see on Toya'z World?

I want to spice things up around here. It can get quite boring writing about the same artists over and over. I need fresh meat to rag on in my down time. That way, maybe updates wouldn't be so slow. Mind you, I HAVE been extremely busy, but I guess, what I'm trying to say is... the blog needs MORE variety. And I want to cater to the readers more, not just write about stuff centered around my interests. 

So, if there's a pop artist you want to see on here (and to make myself clear, NOT Kesha or Miley Cyrus, but I'd consider Katy Perry after many requests) or if there's an urban artist (not Hip Hop) who you feel deserves a mention occasionally, write your ideas in the comments section below and I'll take each and every one into consideration. Thanks.