Hot Or Not: Britney Spears names 8th studio album 'Britney Jean'...

I don't hate Britney's new album title, but I don't love it either. It's very Janet-inspired. For example, 'Damita Jo' and the 'Janet' album vs. the 'Britney' album and 'Britney Jean'. Britney has already had a self-titled project, but she's not the main offender. 

Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue and Barbra Streisand have all released multiple self-titled albums in their time.

The project is her most personal album to date, and Britney Jean is what her family calls her at home, hence the inspired album title. 

My gripe is that 'Work Bitch' was not the right choice of single to launch an album she deems her most personal. Check out Britney giving Capital FM the worldwide exclusive below. 'Britney Jean' is due December 3rd.