Lady Gaga announces 'Do What U Want' as second 'ARTPOP' single...

Lady Gaga and her label were so "overwhelmed by the worldwide response" of 'Do What U Want', that it got promoted from buzz single status to being the official second single.


The R. Kelly assisted cut now replaces the previously announced 'Venus' as the official follow-up to 'Applause'. 

Produced by Gaga and DJ White Shadow, the flirtatious tune was released online on Monday after being teased in a commercial for Beats By Dre.

On the flirtatious number, Gaga is heard telling R. Kelly he can "do what he wants" with her body. Perhaps not a good idea since Kelly enjoyed giving golden showers to under-aged girls during sex.

'Venus' will be previewed on Friday (Oct 25th) and released in full next Monday. Gaga's upcoming album 'ARTPOP' is due in stores on Nov 11th.