Lorde performs ‘Royals’ on ‘GMA’...

Earlier today, Lorde performed new single 'Royals' on the 'Good Morning America' Fall Concert Series. 

I like her, but when performing, why does she always look like a possessed hobbit in the middle of an exorcism? It's actually pretty creepy.  

This chick has been in headlines for her scathing remarks on her fellow contemporaries. It's actually kind of funny, because she's only 16 and has so much bite already. 

Check out her performance inside.

Lana Del Rey, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift have become victims of Lorde's serpent tongue. Now I'm just itching to see who her next victim will be. Rihanna perhaps? Only if she's brave enough!

As for 'Royals', the track has since gone double-platinum and has topped the Billboard Hot 100, dethroning Miley Cyrus in the process. Good! Her debut album 'Pure Heroine' was released in the States this week. It is slated to enter the albums chart at #3 with 110-120,000 copies.