New Music: Britney Spears debuts second single 'Perfume' (anything but sweet smelling)...

Let's put it this way, if a break-up doesn't inspire great music, I don't want to hear it, period. The official second single from Britney's upcoming album 'Britney Jean' made it's grand premiere tonight. But the Sia penned, produced ballad ‘Perfume’ is not what it's cracked up to be unfortunately.
The painful number sees Britney showcasing her vulnerable side and pouring out whatever is left of her fragmented heart. It's about her insecurities in regards to breaking up with Jason Trawick. Or at least it's assumed the song is about him anyway considering that she was in a long term relationship and he is the only one she broke up with recently. On a positive note, her voice does sound somewhat better on the underwhelming production, but there's nothing outstanding about this song at all. Expect to see a whole tonne of video product placement for her fragrances in the foreseeable future.