New Music: Lady Gaga's ‘Dope’ is perhaps the worst ballad she's ever released...

Before performing 'Dope' at tonight’s YouTube Music Awards in New York, Lady Gaga officially debuted the track on VEVO today. It's a confessional piece of theatrical pop about giving up her drug addiction for the benefit of her fans and her man. The fact that she sounds all junked out while trying to evoke raw emotion has to be deliberate. Well, I'd be shocked if not. 
Having a piano ballad on her albums is compulsory to her, but this is the worst one she's ever put out. It's not a patch on 'Brown Eyes', 'You and I' or 'Speechless'. The rasp in her voice grates so much that it really does sound like she's been smoking that dope literally. Maybe I'm being a tad bit harsh but I went in really hoping to like the song, and it fell short big time.