Watch: Ashanti performs 'Let It Snow' on 'Good Day NY'...

I like Ashanti a lot but she should accept that her time in music is well and truly up. She's doing the right thing with the acting so it's good she's taken to promoting her Lifetime holiday movie 'Christmas In The City' on 'Good Day NY' this week. The movie premieres on Dec 7th.
She also promoted her Christmas EP 'A Wonderful Christmas With Ashanti' (out on Dec 3rd) and took to the stage to perform the Christmas classic 'Let It Snow'. She's had one hell of a run for a not so strong singing voice and non-choreography so she should be proud of herself. At this point, her calling seems to be in acting in movies. 'Resident Evil', 'John Tucker Must Die', and 'Coach Carter' all did well at the box office. And there you have it.