Watch: Cher Lloyd & Skee-Lo revisit the past with ‘I Wish’ on ‘Fallon’...

Rapper Skee-Lo assisted Cher Lloyd during a mashed up performance of her new single 'I Wish'. They were accompanied by The Roots on last night's 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'. Skee-Lo brought pure nostalgia to their set, citing a verse from his 1995 hit of the same name.
Skee-Lo though? Talk about taking it waaaay back! And I'm talking 'high school' way back! Cher was barely out of nappies! He seemed pleased that Cher was giving him an additional 5 minutes of fame. I like how he had his name on his shirt to remind us of who he is, or once was. How considerate of him! Cher’s sophomore album 'Sorry I’m Late' will see a release sometime next year.