Watch: Christina Aguilera screams her way through ‘How I Feel’ on ‘The Voice’...

One amazing way to kick off the first live show of a SINGING COMPETITION is to put on your skimpiest costume and dazzle everybody with your off key notes! Christina Aguilera gave that much on The Voice tonight where she performed with rapper Flo Rida on his new single 'How I Feel'. The Nina Simone-sampled tune is set to appear on his upcoming album 'The Perfect 10'. Welp! 
At least she brought the glitz and glam and had fun! I hate how she's become a hook singer these days. I yearn for the day she gets back into the studio, releases new music and just wows everybody with a knock-out track. It's not too late for her to have that 'Emancipation' moment. Girl, I'll be waiting!

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