Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera to release studio version of 'Do What U Want'...

Buh bye R. Kelly! And good fucking riddance. After several sexually-fueled performances with the Pied Piper, Lady Gaga looks to have ditched him for her one-time pop nemesis Christina Aguilera. In my honest opinion, she should never, ever have entangled herself with R. Kelly to begin with, but blame DJ White Shadow. Gags is releasing a new studio version of her latest single 'Do What U Want' featuring new vocals by Christina. Good way to pick up them sales.

Oh, and she releases this tacky last minute artwork (below), which is just lazy and plain ugly on her behalf. A few weeks ago, Gaga and Aggy performed the song together during the fifth season finale of The Voice, which was won by Tessanne Chin. The official studio version will be released to digital retailers on January 1st, 2014. Fans can pre-order this version right now on Amazon. There's been speculation that the video delay is down to this latest new development. Hopefully, we get the visuals on the same day, but perhaps that's asking a tad bit much.

HQ artwork:
 photo tumblr_mynebhPBdJ1ry5xw4o1_1280-1.jpg