Photos of the day!

Showtime! Peep Britney Spears at her final dress rehearsal for this evening's opening night in Vegas. Although not as slender as her recent music videos (airbrushing), most women who have birthed children could only wish to look as good as she does. The problem is, the contoured abs just aren't fooling anyone, and to be honest, they really weren't needed.

Alexandra Burke takes out her weave and rocks her own hair for once. Apparently, she wants the whole world to know she's not bald:

Rihanna, who looks simply gawjus, attends a Breakfast Party in Barbados. Which man wouldn't jump at the chance of having Rihanna make him "wet"? Lol.

Today sees Usher Raymond sharing this pic of him giving his grandmother (whom he calls "Nanny" like I do with mine) her Christmas gift. Awww!

Kelly Rowland was recently seen on the set of Joe Thomas's music video, which is being shot by director Billie Woodruff. She appears to be making a lot of video cameos lately to say she dropped her OWN album earlier this year:

Today sees Alexis Jordan teasing new music with this new promo. Look out for a new song called 'Gone', in the foreseeable future.