‘The Big Reunion’ books 3T, Eternal & Damage...

Well, this is interesting. Michael Jackson's nephews 3T, Damage and Eternal have all signed up to star in season two of ‘The Big Reunion′. Outside of massive lead single 'Anything', their 'Brotherhood' album sucked donkey balls. And after releasing three top five singles, they didn't really come back (successfully) after that. It's been 18 years.

With my high school crush TJ receiving joint custody of Michael's children, they could be interesting if they were willing to give further perspective into the Paris situation. Though I find it interesting that they're booking American acts now. Perhaps they will consider acts like Dru Hill and SWV in the future because I'd be here for it.

Out of the three, Eternal is the best possible booking. They've had the most success, long after Louise left the group to go solo. Louise told The Times she's not doing it because she hasn't spoken to the girls in 15 years, and she found out they were doing it through producers of the program. In other words, she didn't get the invite. Sounds familiar right? I don't recall them having any beef with Louise though. The real bitching and drama occurred between Kelle and the sisters. Despite the arguing, they had some amazing urban-pop songs at the height of their fame such as 'Stay' and 'Just A Step From Heaven' to name the few.

I don't ever recall Damage being that big outside of 'Forever' and 'Wonderful Tonight' (which were big hits). They only had one top 5 single (4 top 10's overall) and didn't move big numbers. Now it just seems their recognition mostly stems from Jade Jones being baby daddy to Baby Spice's children. Damage won't go five seconds without an appearance from the one time Spice Girl. But before JLS, they DID hold it down as the last standing of black boybands in the UK.