Video Premiere: Britney Spears - 'Perfume'...

If I wanted to watch a boring four minute lingerie shoot, I'd have hit up Victoria Secret territory. Seriously. It pains me to say this but watching Britney's new 'Perfume' video tormented me with heavy eyelids.
Now I'm just convinced her team must want her to fail. Because the Joseph Kahn directed clip is one of Britney's most boring visuals to date, with no substance. Guy cheats on his girlfriend with Brit but the story goes nowhere. There's no drama, no plot, no climax, no ending and the brunette chick receives more camera time than Spears herself. What was also cut was the revenge scene with the gun. Initially, Britney was suppose to shoot the scumbag. The video is so underwhelming that fans are now petitioning for the director's uncut version to be released IMMEDIATELY. Well, they better get to work, bitch!