Watch: Britney Spears promotes new album 'Britney Jean' on Ellen...

I find it extremely egotistical that Britney Spears released her new album 'Britney Jean' today and just couldn't be arsed to do one single performance. I don't care if it's in her contract to only perform at her Vegas residency and vice versa. She's Britney effing Spears, she writes the rules. It's just a backward strategy on her behalf.
Lady Gaga promoted her ass off and could not even touch the 300K mark with her latest album 'ARTPOP'. With singles 'Work B*tch' and 'Perfume' flat-lining on the charts, what makes Ms. Spears think she can sell an album with NO promo at all? An album that disappointingly failed to live up to expectations and then some? By far, this is the worst album she's ever recorded, thanks to A hundred steps back and no evolution whatsoever. She celebrated her 32nd birthday yesterday, and although she looks amazing, this era has been a complete and utter mess. In fact, during a recent visit to 'The Ellen Degeneres Show', she seemed more excited to gush about her relationship with new boyfriend David Lucado than her actual music. Oh, how times have changed. For the worst.