Watch: Kelly Rowland compares her path to Beyoncé's on ‘Arsenio’...

Po Kelly. Although Destiny's Child split up many years ago, it must be a bitch having interviewers press you to talk about Beyoncé all the damn time.
Nobody asks Beyoncé about Kelly Rowland because the unspoken opinion is that she's irrelevant compared to her "sister". Most people with a stagnant music career would only be too happy to milk the interest of their relationship. But Kelly? She's only too happy to act all coy about her recent engagement to manager Tim Witherspoon. The interview comes two days after her fiance went batshit crazy at the paparazzi following their date night at Jay Z's concert. Looks like we have a Kanye 2.0 on our hands and he's not even famous. Someone needs to let Asshole Witherspoon know he's about to marry a celebrity so he needs to deal as it all comes with the territory.