Watch: Mariah Carey & her impersonators grace ‘Christmas At Rockefeller Center’...

By impersonators, I'm talking Ariana Grande and Leona Lewis since they were all hailed as a young Mimi during their come-up. It was a very nice delight to see so many true vocalists in one place.
Mariah stunned with her performance, effortlessly belting out those high notes with chest vocals. No way was she threatened by the younger incarnations of herself. Plus, she carries this regal and glamorous look so very well, but then when does she never? She's just... so diva with it.

Mariah performs her hit holiday classic 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' as well as 'Joy to the World':

Leona Lewis performs new single 'One More Sleep' and 'White Christmas':

Ariana performs new single 'Love Is Everything':