Christina Milian chats with 'Bethenny' about Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, engagement & more...

Although Christina Milian's visit to The Bethenny Show was taped several days ago, her interview with the chat show host only just aired today. It seems every female artist (especially the struggling ones) gets asked about Beyoncé only for them to predictably reply: "she's such an inspiration" (see Ciara's recent interview as well). It's such a cliche answer. Ms. Milian has also been recording her new album for over two years. I'm starting to think signing to Lil Wayne's Young Money was a lost cause. They don't have an established record with pop/R&B acts (due to it being a Hip Hop based label) so they would be clueless as to how to manage her. She hasn't had a hit in years.

All of a sudden, signing to Myspace Records (which saw her heavily goaded for doing so) does not seem so bad after all. Check out her interview below where she speaks on meeting Beyoncé recently, the controversial antics of Miley Cyrus, her engagement to Jas Prince and much more.

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