Photos of the day! (Beyoncé's Tumblr)...

Somebody decided to get kissy kissy with a chimp. Yuck! Earlier this month, the Carters celebrated Blue Ivy's 2nd birthday by renting out all of Miami Zoo. Beyoncé got up, close and personal with a giant snake, lions, tigers, and a lemur. Oh yeah. I was going to post mixed vegetables today but decided to settle for just sweetcorn instead. Eff everybody else. This is Beyoncé's world!

Beyoncé gives fans another glimpse into her private life by posting some personal photos on her Tumblr page today.

 Wouldn't you just love to have Jayoncé as your parents? 

These set of photos were taken when the couple and their daughter attended an NYE party at Versace Mansion:

Blue Ivy's birthday party: