Watch: Beyoncé's sloppy 'Drunk In Love' performance at 56th Annual Grammy Awards...

Undoutedly, one of Beyoncé's worst performances. Lazy much?!?!
So, I'm probably going to get some flack for saying this but it has to be said. Beyoncé did not bring the heat with her 'Drunk In Love' performance tonight. She was perched on a chair with wet hair for the majority of the performance, half of which was lip-synced anyway. She did no hard choreography except for some stripper moves and she used a pre-recorded backing track. I thought Grammys had a strict policy about artists delivering live vocals on stage. I assume they were willing to make the exception all because they wanted Bey to open the show so badly (for ratings of course). Then Jay Z comes out and their chemistry was just awkward. I'm starting to think they must have boring sex in their down time.

Let's be honest here. If Rihanna gave this type of performance she'd have been panned. Actually, I've seen her get criticism for putting out a much better performance. Yet, people want to give this a pass all because it's "Queen Beyoncé"? Finally, I don't even know why she wears the ear piece. She always yanks it out mid-performance, every single time. For an opening number, this was a very weak and sloppy performance by her standards.