Watch: TLC's entire concert at 'Super Bowl Blitz'...

Say what you want about T-Boz but that woman can still get doooown! Sickle cell is no joke but you would never have guessed she suffered from it. Secondly, both her and Chilli perform just as well as they did when they first hit the scene. The energy really was a breath of fresh air.

Lastly, yay to Lil Mama not being there to mess up the flow.

I was just jamming out at the computer as I watched their performances and now I have a seriously strong fetish to blast out my 'CrazySexyCool' CD. The pair took to the stage last night at Beacon Theatre in NYC for VH1′s 'Super Bowl Blitz: Six Nights + Six Concerts'. Check out TLC's one hour trip down memory lane below.

What About Your Friends:

Silly Ho, Hat 2 Da Back, Kick Your Game:

Diggin' On You:

Red Light Special:



No Scrubs:

Waterfalls (feat. Boys Choir of Harlem):


Meant To Be (feat. Boys Choir of Harlem):