Album stream: Ashanti - 'Braveheart'...

The moment has finally arrived, where Ashanti made her new album 'Braveheart' available to stream on Pandora.

Click here to stream the 13-song LP in its entirety.

Unfortunately, it is restricted to Stateside listeners only. Alternatively, you can always do what I did and find the album elsewhere. I actually listened to it last night, and I can't say I'm truly in love with it.
However, I do like 'Runaway', '3 Words' and 'Scars'. Plus, 'Never Should Have' should have been a hit. Will you be buying 'Braveheart' on March 4th. Were the multiple pushbacks worth it?

Ashanti: Burying the betrayal, deceit, lies, pain…the feeling of insecurities, the cheating, manipulation…the hurt. Saying goodbye to an old era. Welcome Braveheart. 

'Braveheart' tracklist 
1. Intro/Braveheart 
2. Nowhere 
3. Runaway 
4. Count 
5. Early in the Morning feat. French Montana 
6. 3 Words 
7. Love Games feat. Jeremih 
8. Scars 
9. Never Should Have 
10. She Can’t 
11. Don’t Tell Me No 
12. I Got It feat. Rick Ross 
13. First Real Love feat. Beenie Man/Outro