Beyoncé crashes Jay Z's Super Bowl party with 'Drunk In Love'...

The love and passion between Blue Ivy's parents is real. I think their chemistry was much more relaxed this time because they were in a more intimate setting as opposed to being at some globally televised awards show where they were being watched by a bunch of fellow A-Listers. They are so in love, and aren't afraid to put it out there for the masses to see, especially for a fun-filled performance at New York's Pier 40 stadium last night.

Despite not being billed for DirecTV's Super Bowl Eve bash, Beyoncé showed up anyway, one year after she headlined the main event. You can certainly count on her to knock out a surprise...

Husband Jay Z served as the party's headliner so she rocked up on set in this lacy Roberto Cavalli dress to perform 'Drunk In Love':

She has such a great body but I notice she sticks to a certain style these days with the see-through lace and sheer thigh window. It kind of gets predictable even when her body works that look each time.
And of course she twerked, danced and flirted with her man like nobodies business. As it all came to an end, they kissed each other fully on the lips and he told the crowd: "All hail to the queen!"

She then struts off stage cheesing her face off, because that's what real love looks like. Real cayuuute. Oh yeah, as to be expected, the party was practically the hottest ticket in town, so much that Mark Cuban, co-host of the bash, had to turn away at least 5,000 people!

Beyoncé was rocking a Roberto Cavalli Ready-to-Wear Spring 2014 dress + Louboutin 'Palais Royal Vernis' Pumps.