Yikes... A dentist is exposing Doja Cat’s poor hygiene...

Doja Cat recently admitted she has gingivitis, and 
has had her teeth fixed which now look great. 
However, the talk of the town is the poor state 
of her teeth BEFORE she had the procedure. 
It's insane how much build-up is seen in the pictures shared to doctor Sam Saleh's Instagram account. A lot of doctors often ask their patients if they can take pictures pre-procedure because they want to advertise their work for promotional purposes. It is always a bonus when that patient is famous and serves as one of today's biggest chart toppers. Saleh had met his money maker and probably did Doja's procedure for free once she agreed he could use her face and image for promo. But if your teeth looked like hers, would you even agree to it knowing you would get a serious dragging? "Hopefully she brushes these ones," someone wrote in the comments. Another replied, "Hopefully her hygiene will improve." Criticism aside, health is wealth, and her new smile looks great.  


Remmi said...

I've seen much worse. Not like they were decayed. It just looks bad because it's a close-up.