Bruno Mars rocks Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show...

Some would say going from Beyoncé to Bruno Mars is like going from succulent steak to then being fed a basic sandwich with no filling. It wasn't quite like that though. Bruno didn't suck. In fact, he delivered. And for starters, they are two completely different performers. In actuality, Bruno and his band rocked the house down. There was some Michael Jackson and James Brown in his moves and he was working the hell out of those drums. Actually, I didn't know he played drums so well until tonight.

He must also have had some miracle hair conditioner because I don't understand how his hair did not fall out of place after all that.

If I could change anything about the performance it would be to ditch Red Hot Chilli Peppers (they weren't needed) and have Janelle Monáe perform with him instead. A dance-off between them would have been epic. His halftime show probably won't go down as one of the greatest (Prince still has that on lock). What we got was nothing we haven't seen at his award show performances but at least he entertained everyone while giving good live vocals on stage. Mission accomplished!