Prince & Adele duet sounds epic, if it were true...

UK tabloid The Sun is widely known not to be very creditable. So, when something sounds way too good to be true, the chances are, it probably is. 

Last week, Adele rocked up at Prince's concert in London, which was also attended by Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Stephen Fry. Allegedly, Prince and Adele had a business meeting to chat about a possible duet. The issue is, a rep has already shot down that rumour.

 According to Mail Online, the rep states that “it's not true. She just came to enjoy the show.” Makes sense. I mean, aren't there more formal ways of setting up a collaboration? One person that is officially on board for Adele's new album is Phil Collins who confirmed to Inside South Florida earlier this year that she contacted him so that they could write together. Adele is expected to drop her third studio album later this year. So, those that were excited about what would have been really epic news, I'm sorry to say it just didn't happen.