Rita Ora at ELLE Style Awards + previews new single...

For her appearance at London's Elle Style Awards, Rita Ora opted for an excessive layered lace tulle gown, fresh from Marchesa's New York Fashion Week show. This look is not really my cup of tea. I mean... you couldn't wear it to dinner or the club without looking too OTT. It's too prom-esque/wedding-inspired. I'd also like to see her switch up the red lipstick for a change. That same look gets old real QUICK.

The hair looks ratchet, with roots in need of a severe touch-up. Or better yet, why doesn't she just go natural (darker) instead? She'd look so much better.

She also previews her new single, the Calvin Harris-produced ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ during a new commercial in her lucrative endorsement with cosmetics giant Rimmel London. Take a listen below.