Jennifer Lopez lines up new single 'Luhh Ya' featuring French Montana...

Last month, Jennifer Lopez and her fellow Bronx French Montana were snapped in the studio working on a cut for her upcoming new album. As the left photo shows, the music video has been shot, and the song has been confirmed by DJ Spinking this week. 

We don't really know much else about the song but it is slated to impact radio in a few days time (well, the rumour has it, March 3rd but we'll see).

Obviously, she will be using American Idol to plug it, and I really hope it smashes. However, I truly HATE this title with a passion. I get that 'Luhh Ya' is probably some ebonics slang for 'Love You' but she's a 45-year-old mother. It just comes across as juvenile and very immature. I don't expect the lyrics to be amazing or anything but she will probably aim for something fun, catchy, and as the title suggests, youthful. 

Are you excited to hear the track?