New Music: Keyshia Cole debuts new song ‘Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away)’...

Allegedly, Keyshia Cole's estranged husband Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson cheated on her with a stripper. Now she's on some angry vendetta with her music. On sultry R&B ballad ‘Next Time’, she furiously berates him for his deceit and dishonesty. The track, which will be featured on her upcoming sixth album, serves as one of six tracks she freestyled on. 

The album will be out in August and will be her final album for Interscope.

The song is a definite improvement from that 'Shit James' garbage she debuted yesterday. This on the other hand, would serve as a decent album cut, but the song still doesn't scream single-worthy. It's just okay to me and a tad bit dated. As reported, this is her last album on the label, and I can already tell she's not going to get much promo for it. They already have her using pics from her shoe line for all of her artwork. If that's not on some shoe-string budget, I don't know what is. I can see her doing an Ashanti and going the independent route after this is all over.