Mariah Carey is good for being a "throwback" artist, says Katy Perry...

Katy Perry has never hidden her admiration for Beyoncé, but Mariah Carey may very well be a different story. When Katy appeared on Australia's 'Sunrise' to promote her latest album ‘Prism’, she seemingly shot down the diva's lack of relevancy in today's industry. The hosts made claims that Katy was the industry’s biggest female star. She quickly corrected them by stating that Beyoncé was more deserving of the title. When one of the hosts suggested Mariah, she smiled sardonically and replied: “Well…she is fabulous for a throwback, fabulous!” much to the shocked reaction of fans and hosts.

Whether this was deliberate shade or not, Katy told no lies. She may have been the wrong person to say it though. It can't be denied that Mariah has been struggling to get a hit for however long now. She's also moved onto her billionth lead single, and even now she is struggling to find her footing. However, as a fellow pop artist, it just comes across as unprofessional to throw subliminal shade towards a legend. Especially a legend that was once a dominate force while you were still in nappies. I say, respect your elders. Nobody stays on top forever and once you hit 40, another young artist could very well come along one day and say the same thing about you.

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