Video Premiere: Lady Gaga – ‘G.U.Y.’

Seemingly, Lady Gaga is trying to go back to pushing the envelope with some expensive, over the top visuals. In a way she needed this, following her repulsive vomiting stunt which really didn't score her any cool points. 

Her ‘G.U.Y.’ video was one she directed herself, which was shot over six days at California’s famed Hearst Castle. 

This was quite a major coup for her as no one else has been allowed to film there since the 1960 movie 'Spartacus'. Interestingly, cameos came from Bravo’s Andy Cohen (Zeus) and 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'. She later resurrects a number of iconic figures from their tombs, Jesus, Michael Jackson, Gandhi and John Lennon, their blood extracted to create the perfect weapon. Of course MJ was likely used because he was misunderstood, pretty much like Gaga is right now. The usual polished choreo is all there so fans would enjoy that and to her credit, this IS one of her better visuals since 'Telephone'. Enjoy the 7-minute 'ARTPOP' film by the Haus of Gaga below.