Video Premiere: Mila J – ‘Smoke, Drink, Break-Up’...

Jhené Aiko's older sister Mila J premieres her dance-heavy visuals for 'Smoke, Drink, Break-Up'. The 30-year-old stunner is currently recording her new album 'M.I.L.A' on Motown Records. In the black and white clip, Mila is seen bickering with her man, played by Ty Dolla $ign.

She also shows off some very familiar footwork and a street style that can be attributed to two female R&B singers. Can you guess who?

The video was cute but most of the dancing was edited out and I'd have loved to have seen more of it. The car choreography was a nice touch but the Aaliyah and Ciara comparisons will be relentless. She's drop dead gorgeous though. I'll give her that.