Beyoncé's 'Pretty Hurts' originally shopped to Rihanna & Katy Perry...

'Pretty Hurts' could have been a Rihanna song.
When pop rivals Rihanna and Katy Perry failed to secure the rights to the Sia-penned 'Pretty Hurts', Beyoncé scooped it up pretty quickly. The song was emailed to Katy Perry first, who didn't see it (fortunately). Perry was regretful, according to the New York Times, but acknowledged that the song was made for Beyoncé after her version came out. 'Pretty Hurts' was also delivered to Rihanna's management, who held the song for eight months but failed to pay for the rights. Now the song can be heard on Beyoncé's latest self-titled album, which dropped last December.

Would you have preferred a Katy or Rihanna version of 'Pretty Hurts'? Or are you just glad the song went to Beyoncé instead?