Chris Brown's girlfriend is a ride or die chick...

I saw this video a few days ago. I wasn't going to say anything. But then, I got the itch. Karrueche Tran grins her teeth in delight while playing a message from jailed boyfriend Chris Brown. A message where he tells her he loves her. Honestly, the thirst could not be more real.  

This girl abandoned all shreds of dignity she might have had left, which wasn't very much to begin with anyway.

It doesn't matter that he publicly dumped her for Rihanna, and then cheated on her by having an affair with a female worker at his rehab centre. She appears to be addicted to the attention and fame of being Chris Brown's... well, girlfriend is not the word I would use because he really doesn't treat her like one. Without him, she has no identity. Her self-esteem is seriously shot to hell and it probably won't end well for her either. If it's Chris Brown's money and fame she lives for, she should be able to use it to get herself some counselling.