Instagram: Pics of the day!

Big hair, large frames. Clearly, a new look for Brandy. Are we digging it though? I think it's a little out there. She's rocked an afro before but during that time it was better maintained. I loved the twists she's had recently. However, braids will always be her signature style. 

You can see more of Brandy doing her TV rounds when she makes an upcoming appearance on The Queen Latifah Show.

Beyoncé also made a return to big hair this week. #WorkItOut:

Monica celebrates Kandi Tucker's wedding night:

Jennifer Lopez, who outbid her ex-boyfriend Puff Daddy to acquire Fuse Network ($226 million), seemed pleased with her victory and posed with fans for a selfie on American Idol:

Puff Daddy was elsewhere, reuniting with Faith Evans:

Mariah Carey is preparing her new album for mixing, FOUR weeks before it hits the shops:

Rita Ora seems happy after stating in an interview this week that she didn't know who Rob Kardashian was:

Usher hangs out with his co-stars:

Keri Hilson looking foxy in Miami:

Leona Lewis celebrates her 29th birthday (her older brother is pictured in the background):

Jessie J attends Justin Timberlake's concert in London:

Christina Milian enjoys some daddy time:

Mya attends UNCF Ball Fundraiser in Washington, DC:

Janelle Monáe features in Pepsi's new 2014 'Now Is What You Make It' ad for the international football campaign:

T-Boz enjoys her early birthday gifts: