Janet Jackson's comeback teased by Jimmy Jam...

Hints at Janet's return to music!

Six years. That's how long it's been since the iconic Janet Jackson released her last studio album 'Discipline'. Earlier today, her long-term producer Jimmy Jam took to Twitter to tease some exciting news. Jam and his production partner Terry Lewis are well renowned for producing many of Janet's iconic hits.
I've been thirsty for Janet's comeback to music. So much that I started having dreams about it! I just wasn't convinced it would happen in reality. It seemed she was over the music thing after departing Island Def Jam on bad terms. However, she's been seen in a Dubai recording studio putting something together as recently as last year. Saying that, I know better than to read too much into it. I still know better than to read into anything, and that includes news of an upcoming announcement. The link posted does commend Janet for being the original Beyoncé so that accounts for something right? Either way, I'm so ready for this.

Are YOU?