Michelle Williams responds to #PoorMichelle tweets...

There's nothing poor about Michelle Williams. At least she was quick to let everyone know following the hash tag #PoorMichelle trending on Twitter. Behind the hashtag resides several jokes and memes at the expense of the former Destiny’s Child singer. There is even an entire Tumblr page dedicated to the mocking of Michelle. A mess.

We look at some of the jokes that have gone down a storm.

The time they didn't let Michelle get her hair done #PoorMichelle

That one time they dressed Michelle up as Whitney Houston. #PoorMichelle

All that couch and she can't sit down? #PoorMichelle

The Whitney and all that couch really caught me. Not to mention these. I mean you don't always need words when a picture can easily paint them:
 photo BkGa0TCCUAAYSN0.jpg photo destinys-child-solange.jpg photo Screen_Shot_2013-01-30_at_13614_PM.png

 photo tumblr_mgyk8tDUwq1s3xbimo1_1280.jpg photo tumblr_my59ij4PMk1s3xbimo1_1280.jpg photo tumblr_n2wxvcDwzY1r18n9jo1_500.jpg

Michelle's response:

I think people make fun of Michelle because she has always been seen as the "orphan" of Destiny's Child. While it may not all be intentional, it just comes across like she's being played. It's good she's not taking it serious because I can guarantee that the people that constantly mock her will never see half the success she has had.