New Music: Craig David's fantasy duet with Beyoncé...

Most nights, Craig David DJs in Miami where he now lives. He's become quite the pro at mixing and has even made a career out of it since the music side has dried up. I wish he got to duet with Beyoncé while he was at the height of his success with 'Born To Do It'. 

Now I know it will never happen, unfortunately.
Despite the talent still existing, his stock has gone down and his last few records didn't do well.  Although a real collaboration is as likely as Rihanna and Ciara doing a duet, at least he can toy around with his fantasies. 

That's exactly what he did when he remixed his hit song 'What's Your Flava' with Beyoncé's new cut 'Blow'. It's actually pretty cool, with the skittles reference. I mean, this as close as Craig gets to 'tasting' how sweet Beyoncé is. Check it out.