Beyoncé shows she still admires her sister...

Has anyone ever entertained the possibility that maybe one day Beyoncé and Jay Z could... divorce? That's right, the dreaded 'D' word. For the first time this week, we saw cracks in their perfect little life-long bubble. No, I'm not wishing bad on their relationship. I'm just stating how it's actually the first time their marriage has been knocked by public scandal, and for once it has nothing to do with Mathew Knowles not knowing how to keep his aging peen inside his pants. 

Seemingly, Beyoncé addresses the Solange/Jay Z drama in her own subtle way. She posted happy photos of her and sister Solange on Instagram; an apparent validation that all is right as rain in the sisterhood. Solange has been crucified immensely by the media this week and there have been multiple reports speculating as to why she snapped the way she did. Hell, even Rihanna's name was brought into the equation at some point. 

While Solange's name has been tossed about in a negative light, this is the MOST publicity she has EVER received in her entire life. If ever she felt overshadowed by Beyoncé, her dream just came true. Unfortunately, it came at a cost.