Brandy discusses upcoming new album on 'Arsenio'...

Last night's episode of The Arsenio Hall Show saw Brandy confirm that she will be working on a brand new album this summer. She strives to write songs about her life and says she's going to be screaming on the project. I hope she WILL be screaming on the project because she's had such a horrible year following her departure from RCA Records and then splitting up with fiance Ryan Press. Ultimately, now would be a good time to write, scream and vocalize whatever it is that's on her chest.

Did you catch that impressive Aretha note she just gave us?! Absolutely stunning and she wasn't even trying. She's going to levitate our soul with that 3-octave range of hers (you know, they don't call her the vocal bible for nothing). 

Being in love is fun and this really came across on her last album 'Two Eleven.' However, heartbreak truly pulls something out of you and if she can pour that emotion into song, we're set to get a really raw and passionate record from Brandy. I'm always here for 'Afrodisiac' 2.0. and I stan for that album with my life. Overall, great interview.