Lana Del Rey releases new promo single 'Shades of Cool'...

Yesterday saw Lana Del Rey release her promo single 'Shades of Cool', to iTunes globally (it becomes available when you pre-order her new album 'Ultraviolence,' which is due on June 13th). Take a listen to it inside!

The waltzy psychedelic rock song is laced with reverberated guitars and would fit smack bang on a James Bond soundtrack with it's melancholy vibe, haunting progressive vocal and dream-like chorus. It still boggles me how the gloomy chanteuse managed to perform at Kim and Kanye's wedding this past weekend especially when she can't seem to stop singing about doomed love. Nice way to curse your marriage, lol. And while the Rick Nowels-produced cut DOES have its nice moments, length is not favoured here and it tends to drag on a bit.