Leona Lewis performs in Berlin...

Powerhouse Leona Lewis is absolutely one of the most talented vocalists of our time, so it's shocking how her career has crashed and burned in less than 10 years. I believe she can have a comeback but she will need to do so with the RIGHT music. None of her albums have been on par with her debut and that might have been the problem.

In a space of one week, she's been on her global escapades performing for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in Washington D.C. and then performing for fans during the ‘Stars Week’ concert at the Alexa Shopping Centre in Berlin last night. It's not yet known which songs she performed but I bet my life 'Bleeding Love' was part of the setlist. 

Still, she was looking pretty chic in an elegant black tuxedo and I'm loving this shade of auburn. The 29-year-old has been hard at work on her fourth studio album, and her very first movie, a musical called 'Walking on Sunshine,' will be released on June 13th.