Mariah Carey's 'You Don’t Know What To Do' now touted as FIRST official single...

I could not think of a more fitting title right now. Seriously. After releasing FIVE singles, Mariah Carey is dismissing them all as "buzz", while planning to release the fan favourite 'You Don’t Know What To Do.' In mid May, she debuted the disco jam on the Today Show Summer concert series.

In unbelievable news, it is now being passed off as the FIRST OFFICIAL SINGLE from her new album 'Me. I am Mariah.' Previously, Mike Will Made-It made claims that 'Faded' would be the next single, but clearly they must have had a change of heart. Mimi stays trolling her fans. But I think she left this too late. This should have been released from day one. 

The making of her album can be watched tomorrow night on NBC at 8pm. Matt Lauer will host a special taped at Mariah and Nick’s home in Bel-Air, California. According to DefJam Records president Steve Bartels, sales of 'Me. I am Mariah' are just fine. He either hasn't seen the predictions, or he's in shameless denial. 

Last night, Mariah was all front while rocking a daringly low cut Versace gown at the Fresh Air Fund Salute To American Heroes Gala in New York City.