New Music: Nicole Scherzinger releases new single 'Your Love'...

Nicole Scherzinger finally drops her new single 'Your Love,' which is produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart. The uptempo number is definitely different for Tricky and Dream, fusing urban-pop elements with synth trumpets and some subtle dance. In the lyrics, Nicole refers to love being so powerful it 'knocks you down like Mike Tyson.' But is this tune a knock-out?
No, not really. The catchy sing-along hook ('du, du, du' parts) and it's banging bridge is probably the song's saving grace (the bridge alone as an entire song would have slayed) but overall, the production sounds pretty disjointed and it's not as punchy as it could have been. Decent album track though, and it would probably get to #1 in the UK. The song hits iTunes in the UK on July 13th. Listen to the track in full below!