Usher debuts new single ‘Good Kisser’...

Ahead of September's release for his new album, Usher drops the project's first single 'Good Kisser.' The minimalist production is layered with some whispers, fingersnaps, and sensual drums alongside percussion and the occasional thumping bass. 

Usher sings praises on his girlfriend's lip game during the bedroom banger, which could easily pass for an Ameriie/Rich Harrison B-Side. The beat has a retro vibe but it's still very much adult contemporary. 'Good Kisser' was co-written by Usher, produced by Pop & Oak, and is now available to download on iTunes. Here's the highs and lows. 

- The bridge slays
- Mature vocals
- Harmonies and adlibs are everything
- Verses are well delivered

- It's not radio friendly
- It doesn't scream first single
- A stronger hook/beat change was needed as;
- the song becomes too repetitive