Aaliyah fans petition against Lifetime biopic...

Earlier this week, Zendaya Coleman confirmed that she won the lead role in the forthcoming Lifetime Aaliyah biopic. Of course this was met with online disdain by unhappy fans, who waged an online petition to deter the biopic taking place.

The petition reads:
This petition is to stop the making of this Aaliyah biopic. It’s wrong that Aaliyah’s mother or brother didn’t have a say so in this movie that is being made. The fans didn’t get a say so and neither did any of Aaliyah’s friends. As her fans, we’re going to do anything in our power to stop this movie. Little do we know, this is hurting Mrs. Haughton and Rashad. They’re about to make something that didn’t even get approved from her family. That is beyond disrespectful. If you agree that this movie shouldn’t be made, you need to vote. If you really respect Aaliyah, you have to respect her mother and her brothers wishes. It’s only right. It was Aaliyah’s life. And they’re taking it too far now. We need to put a stop to this!
It's understandable and very sincere of fans to take her family's feelings into consideration. This biopic has been green-lighted, red-lighted and green-lighted again for the past couple of years now, so I don't think a petition will do much at this point. For the most part I do agree with the fans and don't think a biopic should go ahead without the input of her family (her mother especially). I do hope that this is not the case as Aaliyah's family has yet to issue any official statement about their contributions (or lack thereof) towards the upcoming film.