Snapshot: Mariah Carey backtracks on horribly photoshopped artwork...

Oh Mims, you REALLY don't know what to do. Over the weekend, the Photoshop Queen posted the artwork for her new single 'You Don't Know What To Do' on her Facebook, as well as her Twitter.

So it's not like she could accuse someone of creating an amateurish fan-made cover. Now those Facebook and Twitter entries have mysteriously vanished. But it's Mariah. So it comes as no shock that she would use the same body and hair from her album cover photo and then paste on a completely different face shot. 

It looks weird because the neck is clearly outstretching to the right, but yet this new face is looking directly. As a result, the neck and face are totally mismatched.

Criticism of the artwork must have got back to her because now she's denying the artwork altogether. Mess.