Zendaya confirms lead role in Aaliyah 'Lifetime' biopic...

Disney star Zendaya Coleman has confirmed on Twitter that she has won the lead role in Lifetime's upcoming ‘Aaliyah’ biopic. It is alleged that the movie is going ahead without contribution from Aaliyah’s mother Diane Haughton.

In fact, they are relying on her uncle Barry Hankerson to help tell Aaliyah's story as he's had a pivotal role in the creation of her flourishing career. The film is based off of Christopher Farley’s best-selling biography 'Aaliyah: More Than a Woman.' It is being produced by Aaliyah Productions Inc., with Howard Braunstein and Debra Martin Chase serving as executive producers. Bradley Walsh will direct from a script written by Michael Elliot.

Filming is slated to start in the next couple of weeks. I think it's wrong that her mom is getting shut out just because she may not want this to go ahead. Although Zendaya has never been my first choice (she didn't rank in my list at all to be honest), I won't comment on whether or not she can do the role justice as she may surprise us. I will just say congrats as this is a major victory for her.